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    Yield Manager attack on Yahoo Mail

      I attempted to access Yahoo mail. I received a screen that had Dell at the top and said Google and that I was attacked by Yield Manager. It said to use HijackThis to correct.  Since I did not trust this suggestion because I did not know where it came from, I came here and found an old post from 2008 regarding Yield Manager.  The answer given was, yes to download and run HijackThis. Well, since the answer included the link to download HijackThis, I went ahead and downloaded it to have in case I needed it.


      My first attempt to download failed and said my system was not _________ (don't remember the word, like updated or something). So, I attempted to download it again, and it showed on my desktop, but I got a message if I was using Vista, that I had to right click the HijackThis icon and run as Administrator. I right clicked on the icon and did not see that option. But, I got a message that HijackThis was running. (??????). There's no way to tell that it is running.


      Then I got a notifier that an e-mail had responded to my post to the old question about Yield Manager from 2008.  When I closed my e-mail, I got a message on my desktop that was in a System Analyzer box. It said"Access violation at address 0042A673 in module 'SM Analyzer.exe.' Read of address 0293FC70            OK" -------------- This is all greek to me and I certainly don't understand.  I am just a consumer, not a programmer, or tech.  I clicked on the HijackThis icon again and it said HijackThis is running.


      I don't know if I have a problem, or what it is.  I don't know how long HijackThis will run, or any way to tell if it is running, except to click on the icon.

      I wonder now if I should have downloaded HijackThis.


      I have a backup that I just happened to do before I encountered the problem with Yield Manager and wonder if I should restore my system.  In the past when I have tried this, problems like Yiled Manager just get through the restore process anyway.


      I hope this makes sense to someone.  I don't know what to do, if anything.

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          If your unit was attacked by something, i doubt that Hijackthis can clean if there's an infection. Hijackthis is only a tool to scan all the running processes "hidden" or "masked" services included.

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            Thank you for your response. I couldn't tell if this message had gone through. WOW, did I end up with a mess on my hands.  As I suspected, HijackThis is just another of those ripoff programs that does a scan of yopur computer, says you have like 175 problems and it can only fix 15 for free. They suggest you BUY THEIR PROGRAM to correct all the problems on your system.  Well, that is what I bought McAfee for.

            I was unable to un install HijcakThis.  The system said it could only partially uninstall it. Then was more FRUSTRATED THAN WHEN I STARTED. As I said in my post, LUCKILY I HAD DONE A BACKUP JUST PRIOR to all these problems. LUCKILY, I WAS ABLE TO RESTORE.

            This morning, I have another problem which I will post here somewhere regarding ARTEMIS.  I wish there was a way to take a screen dump when I get error or problem messages.  They are ususlly very long, so I just write the highlights.  There is no way to copy and paste these items (that I am aware of), so I have to note highlights and depend on my memory....which tends to get fuzzy, especially for a Consumer.

            Back to the issue, I don't know why it would be suggested that I  use HijackThis, just another ripoff as far as I found. My suggestion, DO NOT DOWNLOAD HIJACKTHIS, IT WILL ONLY COMPOUND YOUR PROBLEMS!!!