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    Error loading OS

      Ok here we go.  I had a Windows XP SP2 disc in the cd drive of a laptop I had already encrypted and had working fine.   When I booted the laptop it booted into the cd by accident.  I exited the screen, rebooted the PC and got "error loading operating system."


      I didn't install or format anything and now my OS won't load.  What do I need to do here to get the laptop to boot again?  I've read posts about the previous version where someone needed to run wintech and remove encryption.  I hope this isn't the case for something as accidental as leaving a cd in your drive.

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          Just an update.  Called in on this and the techs that I talked to said this not normal and simply booting up to cd without actually doing anything to change the system, should not corrupt anything.


          That being said, we created the EETech cd and I authenticated and tried an emergency boot.  It hung at the gui and then the screen went black.  After about 30 minutes of no disk activity or response, we powered of the system and powered it back on.  This time we got "Non-valid system disk".


          Got back into the EETech gui and tried to view the disk information and it simply freezes up at the gui after pushing the button.   We also tried a Restore MBR, which did nothing as well.


          To take it a step further and rule out a hardware issue, we tried to look at the disk information of another machine and again, it freezes as well.  So there is definitely something wrong with the EETech software.


          All these systems are Dell latitude laptops D600 and D620 to be exact.  So after all this, we are again escalating another ticket to development.

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            But were you able to duplicate problem by booting encrypted,previously working fine machine with XP CD?


            EETech problems with some PC hardware are reminiscent of similar problems with EEPC 5.x. Some of those problems were recently resolved in 5.2.3.

            Maybe EETech needs the same treatment....

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              Didn't want to attempt it again and have 2 of my test machines dead in the water with no chance at recovery.  Doing a search on the forums and finding people with the same issue was enough for me to not try it again.




              I have another PC I am building here, so maybe I will test it on there again once it is up and running.

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                What are you afraid of loosing on test PC's? As far as I know EEPC does not break hardware.

                Booting from XP CD into Setup, then pressing F3 to cancel, does not damage EEv6 installation.

                Also, original XP CD requires to press a key to boot, so just leaving it in the drive would not cause any damage, as computer cannot boot from it automatically.

                Maybe you meant something else....



                on 12/21/09 12:09:03 PM EST
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                  I only have about 3 test pc's here currently that I would like to continue testing the software with.  One is dead, the other two I need to continue my testing.  I am bringing another up now that I will use to check this issue out again.

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                    I think you must have done something which touched the MBR - if you want to start from scratch, just do a fixmbr and reload your image onto your test machine.


                    if you did not encrypt them, you can also use this trick to blow away the boot code - be warned though that the Windows code will put it back unless it's told otherwise.

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                      Something must have happened there.  I tried it again on another machine and it the "Error Loading OS" didn't reoccur.  I can even boot to the cd, choose to install Windows XP and then look at my partitions then get out without an issue.  However, if I choose the option to "Install Windows XP on the current partition", it then shows me the next screen that if I proceed I will need to format my drives.  I pressed Quit to exit the cd and then it gives me "Error loading OS".


                      Even though nothing was formatted or installed, if I go as far as choosing the partition and pressing install XP, but then don't actually do it, it flops.


                      To make things worse, there is something wrong with the WINTECH recovery, because it doesn't work on any machines.  It freezes.  So when I get to the point of the error loading os, I can't do an emergency boot or remove EE.  I have tried the WINTECH on various machines to simply disply disk info and it freezes each time.


                      So the bigger issue here is that I cannot use WINTECH to fix my boo boo of going too far into the setup, which obviously does something when you select the partition and choose to install XP, even though you don't do it.   If I can't recover, with the WINTEC, what do I do then?  The issue with WINTECH needs to be addressed.

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                        You can't do an eBoot with wintech anyway, you need to use SafeTech to do an eBoot.


                        Most issues with WinTech can be traced back to just not having the right SATA drivers in your WinPE image - are you sure you loaded the correct ones for your model of machine in?

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                          I followed the instructions for extracting EETech.zip and creating a standalone (Safetech) boot disk.  It was just one command to make the disk.  There was no information I saw about loading drivers, etc.


                          I am using Dell Latitude D600 series laptops. What info can you give me on how to get past the freezing issue and how do I load the drivers into safe tech?

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