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    My Fix Button doesn't work properly

      my 'fix' button on my laptop want allow me fix the problems i have on my laptop.

      i got a notification telling me my computer is not protected.

      my 'Computer and files' + 'e-mail and IM' says "Action required". i clicked the 'fix' button it wants to start fixing the problems but doesn't complete it.

      i don't know what to do!!

      i also recieve notifications saying 'Authentication failed' i don't understand whats wrong!!

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          Hi Rasojo,

          Can you provide the error message underneath the fix button. And also provide some additional information like;

          What is the operating system you use ?
          Do we have any other security software installed ?

          Dinesh K

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            when i click FIX it says the detection file signal is more the 30 days old

            the authentication failed pop up says

            Updates for the following programs require that you verify your subscription. After verifying your subscription, right-click the McAfee icon in your Windows system tray and click Updates. If your subscription cannot be verified, reinstall these programs:


            the security came with the laptop when my mum bought it and their isnt any other security software

            and it's window vista

            i dunno what other info u want to kno??

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              Hello Rasojo,


              Thanks for the information perovided, please check the below mentioned:


              1. Check whether the computer's clock shows the correct time.

              2. Right click on M icon and click updates and let me know whether the updates complete ?

              3. Run mcafee virtual technician from the following link http://mvt.mcafee.com and post me the session id.








              Dinesh K