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    Why am I infected by Google Toolbar Notifier file 5.5.4723.1820, when I am paying for Mcafee virus protection.

      Recently,  I have been bombarded by various viruses/malware/adware on my Windows Vista. Which is effecting my Internet Explorer 8 browser, causing it to behave abnormally. But I will focus on this issue.

      When browsing I receive a message window stating that WhereSphere is no longer working. I have since learned that this is Malware. Why hasn't my virus protection blocked or removed/detected this.

      I have been using the google toolbar as an add-on. Two weeks ago I noticed it was no longer available as a toolbar on my homepage, so I re-installed it. Then my Internet Explorer began behaving abnormally. I have been advised to Scan using PrevX. Which has detected an infection. Naming google toolbar Notifier file 5.5.4723.1820, and Rootkit google adapter.

      I have tried to uninstall/delete file 5.5.4723.1820, but  computer is not recognizing my permission.

      Please help/advise......Goldyrule..........Thanx