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    pop ups!

      I also am now getting the mcafee pop ups.Can anyone tell me about fixing this,if i`m even seen here.I have been haveing a bunch of problems and no one is answering my questions.I am starting to wonder if my posts are making it to the forums.The reason i said that is i origanally had a problem logging in with IE8 all of a sudden.Can somebody just say hi so i know i am properly on the forums.  thanks

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          Mcafee pop ups.Sorrry for the delay.Was working

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            Hmmm...... It seems that you might have a trojan that infecting your computer with these pop-ups. Have you tried running a scan to check for any harmful viruses or trojans on your computer? I've had problems with pop-ups before, and all my problems were linked to Trojans on my computer.

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              I have run plenty of scans with mcafee.I ran malwareantibytes which found 1 registrey item.But i have not found anything.I was having some other issues i thought were wierd.All of a sudden my visual tracer does`nt work.I could`nt log into the community forums with IE8.It kept saying invalid password,but i could log in with firefox?1 other thing was a outbound windows media player event while i was shut down?I am not sure because i am no computer expert.I have not seen the pop up today.So could just be paranoid.But rather be paranoid then sorry latter.lol thanks for reply

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                Can you get a screenshot of error message and post it, or please contact us on technical support chat.

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                  I have not seen it for the last few days & i don`t believe it was a google search.I will post if i see it again. thanks