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    Self recovery & SSO issue

      If I perform a self recovery and change my password in pre-boot, it automatically signs me into Windows, but my windows password does not change nor does my pre-boot password change back to what my Windows password was.


      This will cause confusion because now the user unknowingly has two passwords to deal with (windows & pre-boot).  If he/she is trying to VPN in or utilize network resources that require a password they will be trying the new password they set in pre-boot, which of course won't work.


      What is the process after a user does a self-recovery? Should my windows password change or does the user need to manually change the windows password to match their pre-boot?  The product guide does not go into this detail.

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          Called in on this and the support tech said that "he doesn't have alot of information on 6" but with 5, if the user changes preboot first, the need changed their windows password manually to match if they want them to be the same.   There is nothing in EEPC to make windows match the pre-boot password.


          Changing the Windows password will change pre-boot pwd, but not vice versa.

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            no version of EEPC will change any other password than it's own, mainly because you can't change a Domain password when you are offline.

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              Makes sense. Just wanted to make sure everything is working as designed and I am not missing something.

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                When you need reset your EEPC password, it can be pesumed that youn need also reset your Windows password. In my opinion it's better to do this firstly to stop EEPC to autologon to Windows (unless you have option to remember your password at Windows level), because at this point you will be forced to enter new password wich will be automaticaly synchonized with PBA password.



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