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    Issue with McAfee Agent


      We have both Macintosh and Windows in our environment, we use McAfee on both Operating Systems. Last week we had an issue with our Macintosh machines when we upgraded the 4.0 Patch 2 Agent on them, it essentially killed McAfee in OS X. I was told that I should upgrade the Agent to the Mac Agent 4.5 because it would not only fix the issue, but it had full support for Snow Leopard where as 4.0 would not.


      I believe this is where my Windows issues started. I am still using the McAfee Agent 4.0 P3 on my Windows machines. I was told by gold support that the Agent 4.5 extension was backwards compatable for Agent 4.0 management. Now my issue is that when I click on the McAfee system tray icon, it used to pull up Virusscan Enterprise, McAfee Agent, Update Now and About... in the pop up menu. Since this change, Virusscan Enterprise is no longer showing up in this menu.


      At this point, I do not have plans to upgrade to the McAfee Agent 4.5 for Windows because I know that what we are running is stable and there have been issues in previous patch versions that are finally fixed and I am not looking forward to other possible issues or the time it takes to upgrade the clients and keep a compliant environment.


      Has anyone come across this issue and is there a way to resolve this? Please tell me there is a KB or something lol