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    Paying for subscription that won't install

      I am a paid subscriber but have not been able to reinstall McAfee for several weeks.  The problem originally began when clicking on "Fix" would not fix my unprotected state.  It was reported that several components were missing and I should uninstall and reinstall.  I could never reinstall and the McAfee online chat agent could not as well.  I was told to contact Microsoft which seems like a daunting task.  Now, after trying to reinstall it umpteen times again, I receive the message:  "We're sorry but we are unable to remove one or more threats from your P.C.  Please go to the McAfee Services & support page for help with removal."  Thinking there has to be another way to solve this problem other than paying McAfee more money, I tried using 2 online scanners - ESET and F-Secure but both gave me error messages before tasks were completed.  Am I destined to have to shell out more money to McAfee or is there another course of action I could pursue to solve this problem?