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    SQL Server Update




      I'm using ePO 4.5 with a seperate database on a SQL 2005 Server.


      I have 2 questions:


      #1: Is it possible to update the SQL Server to SP2 without problems?


      #2: The datebase on SQL Server was createt by the ePO Server - all looked fine but yesterday we discovered the the database is localised on c:\...., but it should be on d:\ - is there any possibility to move the database to d:\ ?





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          Sailendra Pamidi


          1.yes - take a backup of the epo and system databases before upgrading.

          2.  Yes...stop the epo services, detach the sql epo database move it over to the new location and re-attach it. This should be transparent for ePO as long as you re-attach it with the same name.