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    outbound events & program permissions

      Hi i was wondering about outbound events.I recently logged on to my computer which was shutdown for a few hours.I opened up my security center because i have a suspicion something is not right.I noticed that i had an outbound event for windows media player 5 minutes before i logged back in.I was also wondering should a program like this have full access.Or say IE8 or firefox.I have quite a few programs with full access.IS that normal.I also can`t figure out why i can`t log into the forums on IE8 ?I had to download firefox today after logging into the forums for 2 weeks with IE8.



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          Still confused as to what programs should have full permissions anyone?J ust a bit concerned as i posted on another occasion.I recently had my computer shut down and when i started up i saw a outbound event from windows media player.I did`nt use media player and am only user and have 1 computer.I would imagine all the mcafee things would have full access?But firefox,IE8,Media plyr ect. any advice?also would i trust my network it says this network is not trusted under network manager.(1 computer)i am only user

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            I usually check the "learn more" tab at the side of the programs permission page.   It takes you to hackerwatch and gives you information on the program.  Reading the entry for media player doesn't give you a lot of confidence.  I pasted in a section here.


            "Windows Media player has a history of security vulnerabilities. You should check Windows Update weekly and download any relevant patches for Windows Media Player. Currently, the version of Windows Media Player that ships with all versions of Windows contains serious security vulnerabilities and should be patched from Windows Update. To check Windows Update, click Start, and then select Windows Update, or go to http:\\windowsupdate.microsoft.com\."


            Some programs have to have full access and some don't.  Check hackerwatch and if it doesn't require full access try blocking it and see if it still functions.

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              Thanks very much cobb.I will try that out.

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                For a new user, I would suggest that you set the McAfee Firewall as follows:


                1.  Open McAfee Security Center


                2.  Click on "Protection Status" (if not already there)


                3.  Click on "Internet and Network"


                4.  Click on "Configure" (lower right)


                5.  Make sure that "Firewall Protection is Enabled" is set to "On", and click on the "Advanced" button in that box.


                6.  While most references and people use "Apply Smart Recommendations", I (and other security-paranoid ) users select "Show Smart Recommendations".  Every new program requesting internet access will prompt you for approval or denial.  This way, the firewall learns about you.


                7.  The slide-bar setting ("Stealth, Standard or Automatic") is something you might investigate.  If you set it to "Automatic", and select the "Outbound-only" option, this might give you a warmer fuzzy feeling, but some programs might not work correctly.


                8.  You can go through the "Program Permissions" list, and remove everything that was set up during install.  That will lead to prompts for each and every program that requests internet access.  (I would strongly suggest that, until you get the hang of these techniques, you leave all the McAfee programs in the list as McAfee installed them, along with Internet Explorer/other browsers (set to "outbound-only").


                9.  Go to the Windows "Security Center" and turn ON the Windows Firewall (I know, this will evoke a flurry of "you don't need it" and other remarks).  Doing so will give you another level of protection until you feel comfortable with the McAfee Firewall.  It will also backstop any mistakes you make in setting your preferences within the McAfee Firewall.  (When you are comfortable, turn the Windows Firewall OFF!!!).


                10.  If you really wish to secure your PC, go out and buy a reputable router (even for one(1) PC).  Routers are very good at blocking a lot of garbage and incoming junk.  (One side effect of this is the traffic in your Firewall logs will drop dramatically!).


                ..... now, I must go look for my tin hat ............

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                  Thanks sean,that was pretty helpfull.It`s funny the other day i read a post that for win 7 you could leave both firewalls on.I believe mentioned by ex-brit

                  I tried to enable my windows firewall (as you say)for extra protection.When i tried to turn it on in the upper left hand side,i was`nt able to click on any of those obtions.The only obtion i could click was advanced settings.I could not use change notification settings,restore default or turn windows firewall on or off.when i click advanced it says your firewall is being managed by mcafee vendor.Thank you for the suggestions.I appreciate it.