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    i need help!

      when i turn my computer on and with the volume on i can hear like advertisements, also random internet explorer websites open advertising and errors pop up saying there was an error on the scribt and ask me if i want to continue on it and when i run McAfee virus scan it doesnt find anything whats do i do?

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          I've moved this over to our Home User area under Malware. Hopefully someone can help you soon.

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            First, make sure you have an updated virus scan before you perform a full scan - Virus definition, patches, etc.

            - if this doesn't fix your issue go to the next step below


            Second, download the latest SDAT here http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/superdat.asp?region=us&seg ment=enterprise


            Once your finished with the download, put the SDAT on a folder on drive C (or anywhere you want)


            After you have copied or moved the SDAT, go to Command prompt by going to START > RUN > Type CMD > press ENTER

            Go to the folder where you have copied the SDAT (e.g. C:\SCAN Folder\) and type SDATxxxx.exe /e (where xxxx stands for the latest version)


            Wait for at least 3-5 Minutes and type in CMD, DIR (to see how many files are exisiting on the SCAN Folder) and check if the total number of files are 19 (including the SDAT)


            Once the total files reached 19 then you are ready for a command-line scan


            To initiate the command-line scan, type in the following:


            scan.exe /clean /all /adl /analyze /program /unzip /winmem /report C:\SCAN Folder\report.txt /rptall


            To see if the scan is finished, try typing CLS, if blank screen appears with only C:\>  displayed then it means its finished.


            You can check the report.txt for any viruses detected or viruses not deleted., etc


            Also, you can do this on SAFEMODE w/ COMMAND PROMPT only to ensure that only the basic OS services are running as there are malwares that "hangs on" valid windows application or services to avoid detection of the AV.