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    McAfee Installation Designer and a Managed Agent

      Hello all... I am going around and around on this, so I would like input from anyone who has gotten this to work:


      My Enviornment:

      VSE 8.7 patch2

      McAfee Agent 4.0 patch 3 (

      ePO 4.0 patch 4


      I am trying to build a MID package  of 8.7 with a managed agent in it.  I have tried using the program section and I have tried using the "New Common Management Agent Updater Installation File" section of the Autoupdate Configuration page of the installation designer.  The agent will not communicate properly after install (well, won't communicate at all). unless I then manually reinstall it.


      Has anyone gotten a MID package with these current versions, primarly the 4.0 agent to communicate back to their ePO server correctly upon install?