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    How do I remove EEPC ?

      Hi. I'm new to EEPC 6 and I've been testing on a laptop. Now I like to remove the EEPC on the laptop but when I try, I get a error message in the 4.5 Agent log "Error occurred while uninstalling EEPC"



      This is the error from Windwos Event Log:

      Product: McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC v6 -- McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC is currently active. Please de-activate before uninstalling.



      Thanks in advance.





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          Change policy to remove disk encryption (change to none), also make aotoboot. Synch policy to client to force decryption. then run task to remove EEPC and EEPC Agent.

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            I have the same question.


            I have assigned a new policy that disables the encryption (level set to none) and that enables auto logon.

            However, the "remove eepc" deployement task is showing an error while trying to unistall the ee agent or the eepc software.


            It now shows in the logs that the McAfee agent is having a problem with locating the plugin (error -64). It seems like the software cannot uninstall itself, but can only remove the plugin.


            I do have this problem on both a virtual as on a physical machine.


            Anyone who has been succeeding in removing the software?

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              That error=-64 is probably harmless. I have it in all properly working (if I can use this expression ) systems.

              Make sure that disk decryption happened indeed (ASCI and check/enforce policies).

              After that EE Plugin must report that disk(s) are not encrypted and staus is <inactive>.


              What is exact wording when you try to run EEPC removal task? I hope you did not remove plugin before attempt to remove EEPC product.

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                found it.


                The endpoint encryption policy was still enabled and therefore the status was active.

                I had not enabled the encryption as I am testing basic functionality first..


                Thanx for pointing me to the right direction.

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                  When you create your removal tasks, one for the agent and one for software, can you run them at the same time on the client?   Basically, I have these two tasks set to run on a client based on if they have a tag I created (Remove_EEPC) assigned to them.


                  I have decrypted the drive and the software is Inactive.   When I change the tag on the pc and wake the client, the software and agent uninstall, however my CPU is at 100% because of MCTray.exe

                  Anyone have this issue when removing EEPC?



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                    It does work when both are changed together, but works better if EEPC software is removed first, then EEPC agent.

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                      So would I create two tags then and assign them to the each task and then apply them seperately?  Is there a better way to do it?

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                        I don't think there is any better way. Server automation tasks based on queries, tags and subtask actions should do it.

                        If you like to be granular, moving systems to different groups should facilitate this more easily, but not if you have multiple products managed by single ePO. Managing groups with combined policies (from different products) could be prohibitively complex.

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