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    ePO 4 P5: Recovering factory packages

    Attila Polinger



      We were forced to solve a recent DAT updating problem*, which affected the repositories, to manually back up and delete the master repository content, then starting a pull task by hand. The pull task is a selective one and does not pull certain items that we do not need. However, certain products were also not pulled that ePO installs by default from the start, like ePOagent300Meta, PCR and so on. Mostly these are plugins that I suppose clients will need.


      The DAT update problem seeming to have been corrected, now we are wondering how to recover these factory installed repository products back into the master repo?

      These are not - explicitily - selectable in the pull task.


      /We checked in McAfee Agent, VirusScan 8.7 install and MAS 8.7 (not extensions, they remained intact) back./


      Can someone help ?




      /*: The problem was that update task was unable to find DATs in the repository, which was there, though. Message was: "Updates were ot applied because packages were not in the repository: DAT."/