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    Running Udater.exe via script/cmdline



      I need a way to run udater.exe via script/command line, specifically, the agent option "Update Security..."  This option is available or not based on agent policy setting, if it isn't available, is there a way I can run it via command line?



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          To trigger a one-click update simply run this file:

          C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\mcupdate.exe


          The above path may vary. Fair warning that performs a one-click update which will apply any update found in the repository so if you have some patch for VSE or any other McAfee product checked into the current branch of your EPO server's repository that you do not wish deployed you should remove it first.

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            Ok-  on the issue from the my other thread, "server/client key," another suggestion I was given was logging into the problem machines, clicking the mcafee tray icon and running "Update Security..." which would force the client to update it's key.   After clicking that and watching for what processes executed- I saw it was udater.exe and was wondering if I could throw the command in a logon script and tie it to a GPO and give it to the admins of the domains/sites I've pushed the agent to already.


            I tried running udater.exe at cmd line on a problem machine but nothing seemed to happen, I didn't get the gui I do when run using the "Update Security..." menu item so I was wondering if I need some sort of argument behind the command, ex udater.exe /updatesecurity or something.

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              Running a one-click update will not resolve the problem if the client machine is currently failing to communicate with the EPO server.