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    Icon help


      When I upgraded from the free trial to paid version, I expected the right side Icon to launch the program.  However, all it does is send me to the page requesting me to pay.  Would like to get rid of the request and launch the program.  Probably something simple, but I'm new to this.  Thanks

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          http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exeHello Ehmcat,


          As i understand you had a Trial McAfee subscription before. You have Paid and Renewed your McAfee Subscription.


          Here are a few steps you can try..


          Verify that your system date and time are correct.


          1. Double-click the clock in the bottom right corner of your desktop.
          2. If necessary, adjust the date and time.


          Right-click the M icon in the system tray beside the clock and select Verify Subscription.


          If You get a message Verification completed successfully , Click on OK. And Check the Protection status.





          You will have to uninstall the Trial Version of the McAfee software


          Follow the steps below to uninstall the McAfee Software,




          Run the application,


          Restart the computer when it prompts you.


          Once the computer restarts


          Go to the Link :




          Enter your Email Address and you McAfee Password.


          Follow  the prompts to download :



          Click the Blue Arrow in the Download / Install  column beside the product you would like to install.




          You will then see the McAfee End User Agreement Screen


          The McAfee End User License Agreement (EULA) will display. After you read the EULA, click I Agree

          to accept the terms and continue to the download and installation.




          Click the Download button to begin the download / install process.







          Mahesh CJ



          Merry Christmas !!