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    Rogue Exceptions

      How do you set a mass rogue exception in ePO 4.5? I want to for example except any Ricoh Copier/Printers and HP Printers. But don't want to have to go through the list of 700 some rouge devices to find them all.

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          Compile a list of MAC addresses that you wish to add to the exception list (either separated by a comma or a carriage return) and do this:

          1. Logon to the EPO 4.5 console
          2. Navigate to Menu | Systems | Detected Systems
          3. Click Import / Export Exceptions
          4. Paste in the list of MACs in the field provided
          5. Click Import Exceptions


          It should jump you directly to the exceptions list where you can confirm the entries.

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            You can also create a query where you find non-windows system and then automatically delete the systems.


            Rogue Equals True And Last Detected Organization Name Equals "HEWLETT-PACKARD" ...... you can add a number of different names.


            I also have another query where i look for OS platform equals Printer, Unix, Sun....


            The 2 query´s are run every hour by a server task and here i automatically add the systems to exceptions.


            This solution is working quite good and saving a lot of time for me

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              This is what I'm looking to do I'm just not sure how to start off in the Query Wizard.

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                I have attached the two queries that I use. You can import them and modify them direct to your ePO server. I have also attached a screenshot of my server task where you can see how i execute the queries.


                Try it out and you can run the queries sepereate to see if you find any systems.