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    Disabling On-Delivery E-mail Scanner via Policy




      I have just deployed ePO orchestrator 4.0, the company uses Domino/Lotus Notes, majority of the clients are having problems launching lotus notes, the on-delivery e-mail scanner is blocking the .id file from loading, except disabling it from client manually. I have set-up a policy from ePO orchestrator to disabled this on all clients from system/policy catalog/create new policy and disabled this function, but after applying this to clients, they are still having same issue with this function still enabled on clients. Is there any way I can configure this from ePO to disable on-delivery e-mail scanner on all clients. Do i have to set up new policy from client policy?


      In a nut shell, I need to set-up policy to disable on-delivery e-mail scanner on clients to stop lotus notes from not loading