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    Agent 4.0 with Deep freeze invalid sequence number, is there no solution?

      Good day,


      I am having an issue that's been going on forever with agent/server communication when Deep Freeze is installed on the client computers. I have ePO 4.0 patch 5 and most agents are I have tried everything imaginable, including uninstalling the agent / rebooting, update task, cleaning the registry entries, etc. Then it works fine during my tests but when I come back the next day it has reverted to the problematic state (there is a deep freeze maintenance period on some computers, it seems from this point the sequence number is not accepted). Then there is no communication anymore. I obviously can't be alone in this predicament as there are Knowledge base articles about it, but no real solution. It just shows how to identify the problematic agents in the database table.


      There is an option in the server where you can disable the sequence check, but it is not recommended by McAfee... anybody using this?