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    LinuxShield 1.5.1 Product Update Fails



      I’ve successfully installed LinuxShield-1.5.1-267-eval.x86_64.tar and LinuxShield-1.5.1-267-eval.i386.tar on three RHEL 5.3 test servers (2/32bit, 1/64bit).


      There were no issues during the install; however Product Update fails on one 32-bit server. I’m doing updates in standalone mode from the LS Web administrator (..not EPO). These are setup as vanilla servers with firewall services(iptables/ip6tables) disabled. All servers are connected to the same vlan network which rules out a dmz firewall block since the other two can receive updates.


      I suspect that some internal service is not allowing updates to complete on the this server.


      Does anyone know what internal service might be blocking mcafee product updates from working on a RHEL 5 server?