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    Deployed Agent Works! Wake up agent FAILS?

      Hi all,


      Has anyone had this happen. I deployed an agent to a machine in the Lost&Found branch, according to the server task log, Sucess! I then wake the agent up to get fed from the EPO server and this FAILS! Ugh!!! Again, I can ping via machine name and NETBios resolvea to an IP address......So what's the deal? Any thoughts?

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          Are you using a non-default wakeup port?  If so the machine may need to receive its new policy first before listening on the correct port and being able to receive the wakeup...





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            Thanks. I did try this. It still hasn't solved the issue. The hardest part is that I have no Idea where this machine is located on the floor. We have about 540 users in three buidlings.

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              Sailendra Pamidi


                    When you use the deploy agent feature to push an agent, the Framepkg.exe is copied over to the admin$ share on the target machine. After this point, ePO does not have any control. So, the server task log message only indicates that it was able to successfully copy over the framepkg.exe to the admin$ share.


              To find out what happened after that - for e.g if the agent has installed at all - check the frminst_<machine>.log  on the target machines Windows\Temp\McAfeeLogs folder.


              If the installation is completed, then verify if the Frameworkservice is running on the target system. You can do this from services control panel applet by remotely connecting to that system from the epo server.


              Hope that helps




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                Thank you for the reply. I don't want to show my inexperience here, but I want to clairify. Are you spekaing of .NET framwork Service? I don't anything in services contol panel that is listed as Frameworkservice.



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                  Well...I take that back. I see it now. And yes it is running. Hmmmmmmm

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                    I've been having a hell of a craptastic time with similar issues.   There are a few places to check for info really.



                    1. Agent log- either by web or local/share access.  By web it is http://AGENT-HOSTNAME-or-IP:8081/.  This should load up the summarized version of the log- you can then, at the top of the page, click  "current by View debug logs: FrameSvc" to download the detailed version.   If you can connect via admin share or locally access the machine, its location is Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\DB.  Once you have up search for "wake" to find the section where wake up starts/fails
                    2. Subtask details- if you head over to "Server task log" under Menu \ Automation, find your Wake Up task and click on it, then click subtasks and then click on the agent task in the list to view the detail if any.
                    3. Last is the server.log, this is located in the ePO installation directory, in the DB\Logs folder.  The filename is server.log



                    Hope that helps.

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                      Sailendra Pamidi

                      As mrpg pointed, the agent log in combination with the server.log should give us a clue as to what is happening. Remote into the agent machine and open the agent status monitor (Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\cmdagent.exe /s). Press 'Collect and Send Props'. make note of the time and check if you get any error messages there - switch to the epo server and collect the server.log (ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Logs\Server.log)


                      Now by correlating the time between the two logs, we can get to know what may be happening...

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                        Let's move on a bit here. After researching most of the day today. I'm starting to see a pattern emerge. I will try to be brief. I have about 20 machines in my Lost&Found, down from 243. Some of which I have isolated being off the network completely. Others I'm noticing are still in lost and found with no details of the machine other than its name. The funny thing is that I can pull the agent log, but when the log appears it is from another machine. I guess my question is.... Is EPO smart enough to sync with DHCP?


                        We only use AD sync with our Lost and Found group.  So, would this have any impact on the agent log coming from another machine? Especially when EPO sees the machine name but fails to resolve to its correct IP address?


                        It's Frustrating! What am I missing here? 

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                          Sailendra Pamidi

                          I believe the machines which do not have any properties never reported back to epo - they were probably added by the AD Sync (and may not actually have an agent). When the show agent log option is used, ePo would normally try to open using the ip address - but if there is no ip address listed in the database, then it would use the netbios name to open the log http://machinename:<agentwakeupport>


                          From a command prompt, if you were to do a lookup on the machine name, does it resolve to the proper ip? If not, then that needs to be fixed.