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    Upgrading EPO 3.6 to EPO 4.5



      I am in the process of planning an update from EPO 3.6 to EPO 4.5.

      I did a bit of looking around in the forums and I found this "side by side upgrade" method.

      Can anyone help me validate that these are the correct steps to perform a side by side upgrade? I would feel much more comfortable doing it this way then directly updating the server.


      Our environnment has 1 EPO server, 8 Distributed directories and 1500 clients.



      EPO 4.5 side by side upgrade


      1-     Install new EPO 4.5 server on Windows 2008 with new DB on production SQL server.

      2-     Re-create the same system tree as 3.6 server on the 4.5 server

      3-     Import policies from EPO 3.6 to EPO 4.5

      4-     Re-create new tasks

      5-     Add CMA 4.5 agent on EPO 3.6 server repository

      6-     Remove all agent files from the Master Repository on the EPO 3.6 server and replace with the files from the EPO 4.5 server.

      7-     Import repository list in the new EPO 4.5 server

      8-    Disable replicated repositories in EPO 3.6 server

      9-     Replicate Master Repository from the EPO 4.5 server to all distributed repositories

      10- Reconfigure the deployment task on the EPO 3.6 server to install only the new CMA 4.5 agent and set it to run immediately. Wake up the agent to upgrade.

      11- The agent should upgrade and be moved over to the new server where they will be sorted automatically By IP address.


      Has anyone completed a similar upgrade?






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          We are in the process of completing such a migration from 3.6 to 4.5 with a parallel install.  We've setup the new environment (clustered though) as you state in your steps but we then started pilot deployments to machines to move them over for testing (about 20,000 nodes).  We're now on our last push for the remainder (over 80,000 more) and have found that we can move the majority of them over afterward just by converting the distributed repositories.



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            And you have used a similar method to migrate the systems or did you do it differently?

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              We've used a combination of techniques including server tasks to push out agent installs from the new epo 4.5 server.   However, as I said, we found that putting the new framepkg on the old distributed repositories will cause the 3.6 systems to install the new agent; provided the agent version is newer then what they already have.  As long as the old systems have that DR in their sitelist.xml they will install any new agent software they see and then be redirected to the new server which I believe is what the instructions you posted are designed to do.



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                Something weird happened. I installed the new server from scratch with a new DB. I re-created the subgroups and assigned IP address, and then it was populated with 76 servers from my network. Now, these 76 servers show up in both EPO servers!


                Is there an option that is activated by default that could have populated th server?

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                  If the clients are running a 3.X agent, they could have resolved to the new server by DNS name, NetBIOS name, or IP and could now be agents of the new server. The entries in the old server are orphaned and not current.