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    Modifying EEFF Password Strength



      How can you alter the required password strength for EEFF? I want users to be able to set a less secure password than the default allows when initialising their USB device.


      We are using EEFF Version and the managment console version build 5701.


      Many Thanks.

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          The EEFF password strength is defined in the "User" properties of the Endpoint Encryption Manager.

          For EERM (part of EEFF) the password quality rules are hard-coded and follow the default settings for Active Directory's "Complex domain password". The EERM password rules cannot be changed in the current version. Versions subsequent to EEFF 4 will have flexible password rules also for EERM.


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            Thanks for the response.


            Although this is going to hamper us a touch. Having to have 7 Characters, Upper Case, Lower Case, Number and Special Character is going to be quite hard for a user to remember so we are going to have lots of written down passwords so people can still get into their USB drives when needed. Totally negating the point of the security.