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    Can I delete Quarantined Files ?

      Virus Scan quarantined a truck load of files on me. I don't know what all was infected but all shortcuts from everywhere seemed to disappear.

      After I did a restore everything appears normal, but all the quarantined files are still there.  Is it safe to delete all of them now without losing what I recovered.

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          Hi Leumas,


          Yes you can defiantly Delete all the Quarantined files that are detected by McAfee,


          Double-click the M icon in your taskbar.


          If it appears in the bottom left, click Advanced Menu


          Select Restore


          On the Restore menu, select Files to display a list of all quarantined files






          Check the box beside the file you want to alter.


          You may now select Remove to permanantly delete the file,

          or Send to McAfee to send the file to McAfee Labs for further investigation.







          Merry Christmas !!

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            Thanks MJ

            And Merry Christmas to you.


            Everything is back to abnormal



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