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    How to tell McAfee to trust a program?

      Alright, well this is my first thread, and post for that matter.


      Anywho, I'm not to sure where this would be located, and I don't know if this is the right place for it but, I would appreciate it if someone could assist me in solving my problem.


      So I've had a program for quite sometime.  I use it everyday, theres a whole forum dedicated to it.  But not to get off-topic here, one day the developer of the program came out with a newer version for it.  I downloaded it, and proceeded to install it.  After installation McAfee removed because it thought that it was a trojan.  Which I am 99% sure its not.  So I proceeded to turn off McAfee's real-time virus scan, and I installed it, but sure enough once McAfee turned the real-time virus scan back on it removed it...  I am really starting to get frustrated.


      So on to the topic.  There has to be a way to add this program to some list so it will not remove it.


      All help will be greatly appreciated!!!