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    Wrong version installed

      I have a 3 computer license to Total Protection which was previously installed.  During my Windows 7 install from a Dell script it was uninstalled, and a free trial of SecurityCenter was installed.  So I logged into my account, and downloaded/reinstalled Total Protection, but the end result was SecurityCenter was installed, no backup functionality, etc.  I tried reinstalling again with the same result.   How to I get back my functionality?

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          Peter M

          Backup and Restore is discontinued and is not compatible with Windows 7 in any case.


          See this document regarding this and how to access previously backed up files and folders: http://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1131

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            Peter M

            There seems to be a problem with the online FAQ's at the moment, I'm looking into it.

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              Peter M

              OK I found the information you need for Windows 7 and data Backup files:


              McAfee Data Back-up is not compatible with Windows 7 and the product is no longer included in any protection packages.


              If your previous backups were performed with the default McAfee Backup and Restore encryption and compression settings disabled, these files are directly accessible to you on any Windows computer, including Windows 7. You can download this standalone utility from the below link and install in an XP or Vista machine and restore the files then later you can transfer them to the Windows 7 PC.




              This standalone utility functions the same way as the version of the product included with McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection.


              Following installation, launch the McAfee Backup and Restore utility on the Windows XP or Vista machine and do the following:


                 1. On the Missing Files tab at the bottom of the screen, click Browse, then navigate to the location where the archive is stored.


                    NOTE: Archived folder names have the following format:




                        * ddmmyy is the date on which the files were archived
                        * hh-mm-ss is the time on which the files were archived
                        * *** is either Full or Inc, depending on whether a full or quick archive was performed
                 2. Select the most recent dated folder with an F in the folder file name, and then click OK. Files contained in the selected location appear in the Missing Files list, ready to be restored.
                 3. If you want all files to be restored, click Restore All. Otherwise, select the individual files you want restored.




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                Thanks Peter.   Disappointing it was pulled but good info.  Hopefully I will not need to restore those files.  I noticed that Windows 7 has the same function in control panel now, maybe that's why it was pulled.

                  - Pete (also an ex-brit)

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                  Peter M

                  Yes, Win 7 has a pretty neat backup software of its own anyway.  Glad to help.