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    spybot system startup tool finding stuff mcaffee doesn't


      Spybot has found a LOT of entries with the System Startup Tool indicating that I have files created by worms and trojans.  One current startup listing has eleven different associated .exe files created by nine different worms and trojans.  I have unchecked the boxes in front of those files so that they will not run (I hope,) as I do not want to start indiscriminately removing files.  Yes, I am the standard idiot who hasn't created a recovery disk or backed anything up in two years...

      A. Why is McAfee not finding these files?

      B. Can someone who knows Spybot tell me why it also does not actually tell me that the problems are there lurking in the background when I run a S&D scan?  C. Can I find removal instructions or tools archived away somewhere to get rid of this stuff?

      I have purchased an external hard drive that I intend to start use for backups by simply copying my entire internal drive and then locking the external drive in my fire safe, but I need to be reasonably sure that I have a clean system to start copying.

      (I think some of this crud came from LimeWire, but McAfee has caught malware trying to get in through that door before.)

      Can someone tell me what's going on here?