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    My mcafee turne itself off

      Firstly, I want to say sorry. My language is not good but I will try to explain my problem and help you to understand me .

      I have installed Mcafee Security Center from several monthes and was not problem with me until 5 days ago. Also I have Spyware doctor and ther was any conflict between it and Mcafee. But the problem started when I run Malewar Bytes protection. I notice that, mcafee turne itself off several times. So, I found Mcafee alert told me that ' your computer is not protected' when I open security Centre and click on Fix button, Mcafee tun on.

      But when I restart the computer, Mcafee alwayse turn on then turn off and computer hanging.

      when I stop malware the problem look like ended but I notice that Mcafee still turns itself off about 1-3 times per day. And when it do that computer hanging.

      The same problem on another computer. And Mcafee turn off on them at the same time.

      Please help me and I say sorry again about me language.