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    Vundo.gen.ab clean/delete problem with 8.5

      We have VirusScan Enterprise 8.5 with latest DAT.  Can not clean this off this one Dell 620 laptop.  Have tried lots of stuff including:



      MSCONFIG diagnostic boot

      safe mode boot

      System Restore has been disabled


      Note that I can not come up in Safe mode since it hangs on the Guardian Edge ephdxlat.sys driver.


      I have downloaded Process Explorer and can see how fifiteko.dll has weaved its way into anything I run.


      Short history is this system was a VPN only laptop and fell behind on its engine and dat.  Once infected I brought it up to latest engine and dat my company has deployed.


      McAfee Virus Enterprise Workstation w/5829 Dat; Scan Engine 5400.1158

      McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise Module


      It just threw me an error on a missing firetray.dll; on a desktop I have