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    A few concerns about my security center

      I have a few questions about my mcafee product.1st i was wondering how often does the security center & firewall get updated? my last up date was 11/18 sec. center 9.15 firewal 10.15.Also i noticed if i try to trace an inbound events it never comes to a destenation point as it used to.I also had not been able to log on to the community forums.also in my add remove section on my computer it just says mc security center/no other info.I installed your uninstaller to remove adobe reader and noticed that it said under mcafee last used 11/14 could that be correct.I f someone could help i would appreciate it.1 last thing i was having a problem logging on to the forums.It kept saying incorrect password.I then sent for a new 1 and the activation # was invalid.today after 2 days of not being able to log on i used firefox instead and i was able to log on?

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          McAfee updates on daily basis, since you have new infections discovered  daily , So your DAT file would be updated every day even though you do not have some big updates for the products. Correlating the problems that you have speicified(Unable to login to forums/Unable to Trace etc) seems like you IE might have some issues.


          Please try resetting your IE to default and try to do a manual update by clicking on the update button in Security center and check if you are geting any updates download to the products.


          If this works then try to Trace an IP.The windows that helps you trace an Ip is also depended on your IE.






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            I TRIED THAT BUT IT DID`NT WORK.Thanks for the suggestion Mohan.The tracer still does`nt work.I feel like my mcafee  is`nt working properly.In the uninstall programs should the version and date & size be listed?Also under a few off the addresses it does`nt give me the obtion to ban the i.p just trace,allow,or allow as standard?