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    EPolicy Orchestrator 4.5 with Sql 2005 express cannot deploy policies

      Has anyone had any luck with deploying policies?  Installed EPO 4.5 with Sql 2005 express--> when ever i try to deploy a policy i get an error message that reads "violation of unique key constraints 'IX_EPOPolicyObjects_TypenameserverID' "   i have created the system tree, deployed agents to my servers, allowed policy sharing, assigned a policy to my system tree group, created a task called "policy share" and when i try to deploy even the default policy (that has been allowed to be shared)  i get the above error.    We are evaluating this product before we purchase it and so far i am very disappointed with the documentation--there should be a step by step set up guide, i should not have to look all over the website using the videos and the documents to try and figure out how to set this thing up.   we may be moving on to symantec's HIPs product soon--the support guides are not helping at all.   so any ideas with this error message?