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    WHAT does it take to be able to access customer service???

      I have just bought a McAfee product online and went to download it. In the terms and conditions it states that I am agreeing to an automatic renewal at the end of the term. I am not OK with this. If I understand the terms correctly, I have to do a manual cancellation of my account - which I would like to do now, for the end of the term.




      When I go to ask the question in customer service, I encounter a rather serious problem. FIRST my country is not listed. I am told I have to go through the UK region. Fine. THEN I am told I need to choose - email or chat, except that ONLY chat is available. Fine. I then to go fill in the fields. NO MATTER WHAT I TRY, WHEN I FILL IN THE PHONE NUMBER FIELD, IT INVARIABLY INFORMS ME THAT THE PHONE NUMBER IS NOT VALID.


      I have tried everything. Tried my real number. Not valid. Tried a fake number. Not valid. Even tried McAfee's own number. Not valid.




      Without a VALID phone number, apparently I cannot submit the form, and without submitting the form, THERE IS NO WAY TO ACCESS CUSTOMER SERVICE.


      Is my frustration showing yet???


      If anyone from McAfee monitors these forums, would they kindly let me know how the hell I can get through to anyone who can address my issue?


      This relationship is not starting well. In fact, I am tempted to cancel my subscription altogether - EXCEPT THAT I CAN'T ACCESS CUSTOMER SERVICE.


      And incidentally, making an overseas call to customer service, where I am told the wait time is 10-30 minutes, is not an option. At least not on my dime.

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