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    EPO 4.0 Guide for Dummies



      I'm a rookie when it comes to this. I was wondering if anyone out there would have a user guide for EPO 4.0 that clearly explains how this works. The one I have is just not good enough and I get lost. Any step by step guides would be great. I have about 50 machines in my Lost and Found portion of my system tree. The agents I have deployed will not report to the server. I have VSE 8.7i installed on these machines. We are a stirctly a windows environment. When I ping the machine name, NETbios will resolve the IP address of the machine, so the machine is connected and reply's, however when I wake the agent up, it fails. Any thoughts?

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          I've moved your post to the ePO area. Hopefully someone can help you soon.


          Have you checked our ServicePortal for the most recent documentation? Here is a link to the ePO 4.02 Product Guide.


          For more product documentation, go here: https://mysupport.mcafee.com/eservice/productdocuments.aspx. Then select ePolicy Orchestrator, and 4.0, from the dropdowns.

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            I fully agree there needs to be a step by step guide for setting up policies and pushing policies using the EPO.  I found some helpful videos but even then the things they mention in the video i would have never found in their documentation.  Their product guide is not helpful at all--we are using a trial version of EPO and the agent and so far i am not impressed.  i should to be able to set this up with no assistance, and looking through their product documentation is awful.  This product still does not work.... We may be moving on to Symantec and trying out their product....

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              Have you installed the McAfee Agent on the computers and if so, where did you get it. You will want to make sure that you are installing the Agent installation file that is produced by your EPO server. To find this file, you will need to go to this location on your EPO server, C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409 and grab the FramePkg.exe file and use that to install the agent on your computers. If you dont use the proper Agent installer, your computers wont have the SiteList.xml that has your Repository locations. Another option you have is to grab the SiteList.xml file from your EPO server and import that on the machines you already have the agent installed on.

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                Thanks for the post...I am using the agent on servers only, would i use the SiteList.xml and import it on our servers that already have the agent on it?  i guess my real question is will your suggestion "pushing the  SiteList.xml file" work for servers also?

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                  check what is in the sitelist.xml on the servers first. The sitelist tells the agent where it needs to go for updates and who to report to. If they dont have the correct info in their sitelist, then yes, I would update that on those nodes.

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                    Thanks everyone for your comments. Question: Once I have the framepkg.exe, do I import this into the master repos and then use client tasks to install? or will I need to located these machines on the floor and install manually?

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                      The framepkg.exe is the agent install package and would be for installing the agent on client machines.

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                        Once I have the framepkg.exe, do I import this into the master repos and then use client tasks to install? or will I need to located these machines on the floor and install manually?



                        You *can* use the framepkg.exe from the ePO server to manually install the McAfee Agent (MA) on clients; however, you can also deploy (push) the Agent from the server--as long as you have administrative privileges on the client.  You shouldn't need to add the agent to the master repository (it should already be there) unless you are upgrading to a newer version.  If you are upgrading the agent then, yes, you'd have to check in the new agent package.


                        If you are new to ePO administration, I'd highly recommend the "EPO-101: 5-day McAfee VirusScan and ePolicy Orchestrator" (a.k.a. "McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Essentials") training that McAfee offers--if you're organization can afford it in these hard economic times.  I attended the class back in June, in preparation for switching from ePO v3.5 to v4.5, and was pleased with the class.  The instructor went over everything we needed to know for building & administering an ePO, as well as deploying the MA & VSE to clients.  When I attended, v4.0 was still being taught (as v4.5 was released while I was in the class) and we received three text books that have been valuable reference material.  The material in the books closely matches what is in the manual but there are some additional tips & tricks.  I believe the format of the text books is a bit better than the manual, also.