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    Upgraded to EEPC 5.2.3, now would like to migrate to new system properly


      Hello all,


      I've recently updated our (originally safeboot) system to the latest-and-greatest 5.2.3 version of EEPC, and clients are mostly updated as well.  We have also recently upgraded our AD domain to a 2k8 r2 domain.  Since our original EEPC server is running on some rather old hardware, I've been experimenting with provisioning a migration EEPC server to move all the clients to.  Something that I've noticed on the testing server is that new accounts created on it now require username@domain to be entered instead of just username at the EEPC login prompt.  I looked into ADSI edit, and found that our UPN is now in this new format in our DC.


      Here's the first question:


      Instead of changing the UPN format in the domain, what is the impact of changing the binding in the EEPC AD Connector to use SamAccountName instead?  Would things still function the same?  All of our usernames across the domain are standardized, and there are no deviations.


      Here's the second question:


      Shouldn't I be able to just zip up our current EEPC installation directory contents on the running server and unzip them to the new server EEPC directory overwriting it's contents and change the DNS entry for the EEPC server (we use a dns name instead of an IP already) for a full one-shot migration?  Is that all there is to it, or am I missing something in the process?


      Thanks in advance!