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    Performance SG565 4.05 / SG560D ADSL+ Germany

      Hi Community,


      nice to see this community ! We use SnapGear now UTM Firewall since the beginning

      of the products and sell them for around 10 years now.


      We have two problems with the UTM Firewalls:


      - SG565 64MB Model Firmware 4.05  internetconnection on eth1 PPPoE on eth0.5

        DHCP/CableModem. If there is a big download the internet access is getting slow

        or stops for all other users - it looks like the UTM dns is not responding any more.

        Access to the web ui is nearly not possible. Perhaps a issue with statsd ?

      (Tried 4.5beta  for a short time today - but the Cableinterface was not comming up again,

        so I use the old firmware again.)


      - SG560D - Firmware 4.05 - ADSL is not working with a german provider (Arcor).

      Cause the 560D is very new - did you hear about SG560D working with ADSL in Germany.


      Regards, Jan

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          If you navigate to


          network setup -> traffic shaping -> ToS traffic priority


          are you able to set DNS as high priority & downloads low priority (  if it is on a specific port or source IP )


          This may make a difference.


          Also disabling


          firewall -> conntection tracking -> Enable Flood Rate Limiting


          can make a difference as well.


          Regarding the 560D, the best option would be to go via technical support and send them a Technical Support Report.


          The case will need to be escalated to 2nd level....mention this to the support person you corrospond with.

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            Thanks for your answer.

            TOS for DNS was enabled and Enable Flood Rate Limiting was disabled,

            when we got this problems. Cause the appliance is responding very slow, not only network traffic

            behind the wan, I think in case of a lot of bandwith usage there is some process which slows down

            the unit so the nameserver at the appliance is getting very slow or not responding. I'd like to disable the

            statsd - but don't know hot to do this.



            Regards, Jan

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              statsd should not load up a 565 too much.


              If you look in the TSR at this entry




              you will see how many current connections are through the device....it will handle a few thousand adequetly.


              If it is a busy unit, certainly disable flood detection for diagnostics to see if you need to increase the threshold. Also flood events are logged as well so you can see if it is getting triggered.


              If the slow performance only occurs when administrating the device, see if using http rather than https makes a difference.


              Any further diagnostics really required a Support Report, which I recommend you only submit to support.