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    Manually remove items from the policy catalog

      Dear all,


      does anybody know how to manually remove an item from the policy catalog?

      There are 3 entries that we need to remove but I do not know how:


      - ePO Agent for webshield 3.0.0

      - ePO Agent for webshield appliance 3.0.0

      - Norton AntiVirus 7.5.0


      I already checked if there are still some related extensions installed but they where already removed.

      There is also no such product in the master or a distributed repository.

      I think there must be something wrong with these policies because it is not possible to create a new policy

      from one of the above mentioned catalogs. If I press the "new policy" button a new almost blank window opens

      (I just can see the OK and Cancel button and nothing else).

      I tried this with Internet Explorer and Firefox just to be sure not running in a browser issue.

      We also had these 3 catalogs in ePO Version 4.0 (before we performed an update to version 4.5) and were not able to remove them.

      My hope was that these 3 catalogs will get removed during the update to version 4.5 but they are still visible.


      Thank you for all the answers in advance.


      kind regards