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    Dual Boot Windows 7 + Ubuntu


      Hi All,


      I have some laptops on my company dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I'd like to know how I can SAFELY install EEPC 6 on those laptops.


      Thank you.

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          From My Experience only, take this for whats its worth, maybe someone from Safeboot/mcAfee will chime in.

          Dual-booting with Endpoint Encryption is fairly simple to setup, but it took me several attempts before i got it right. I initially thought it would work best to chain linux from the Windows boot.ini. Worked great without Endpoint, but installing Endpoint threw a wrench in the works - windows would boot, but GRUB would hang.

          The easiest sequence is Windows -> Endpoint Encryption-> Linux

          Here's the brief overview:

          1. Partition your hard drive (or resize your windows partition if already installed). This won't work if you've already installed Endpoint, you'll need to remove Endpoint

          2. Install Endpoint

          3. Boot with a linux live CD and copy the MBR

                              dd if=/dev/sda of=/your_usb_drive/safeboot.mbr bs=512 count=1

          4. Install linux, GRUB will overwrite the MBR

          5. Boot into linux, copy safeboot.mbr to /boot

          6. Update /boot/menu.lst as follows:

          title Microsoft Windows XP
            rootnoverify (hd0,0)
            chainloader (hd0,5)/safeboot.mbr

          Modify (hd0,0) to match your windows partition, (hd0,5) will be your /boot partition.
          Remember that GRUB numbers partitions starting with 0 - (hd0,5) is /dev/sda6

          On your next boot, you can select Windows XP from the GRUB menu, and you'll be presented with the Endpoint Encryption login screen.



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            OK, I will talk to the Linux guys to test it. Thanks.

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              I've been trying the same thing with 6.1 however after the command:


              dd if=/dev/sda of='/media/untitled 1/safeboot.mbr' bs=512 count=1


              to which I get:


              dd: opening '/media/untitled 1/safeboot.mbr': No such file or directory


              can anyone help?

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                From what i can tell the mount point of your USB device is incorrect


                type mount at the command promt to see where the device has been mounted and then try that in the DD command.


                e.g. "/dev/sdd1/untitled 1/safeboot.mbr"


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                  Thanks Tristan...


                  Still no joy though...


                  Getting /dev/sdc1 on /media/LG type vfat from mount (renamed UNTITLED 1 to LG)


                  When I put:


                  dd if=/dev/sda of="/dev/sdc1/media/LG/safeboot.mbr" bs=512 count=1

                  dd if=/dev/sda of="/dev/sdc1/media/safeboot.mbr" bs=512 count=1

                  dd if=/dev/sda of="/dev/sdc1/LG/safeboot.mbr" bs=512 count=1

                  dd if=/dev/sda of="/dev/sdc1/safeboot.mbr" bs=512 count=1


                  ..I get '/dev/sdc1/media/LG/safeboot.mbr': Not a directory

                  '/dev/sdc1/media/safeboot.mbr': Not a directory

                  '/dev/sdc1/LG/safeboot.mbr': Not a directory

                  '/dev/sdc1/safeboot.mbr': Not a directory



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                    /dev/sdc1 is the device


                    /media/LG is the mount point


                    dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/LG/safeboot.mbr bs=512 count=1


                    should work, if it doesn't then it sounds like an access issue. Are you running the command as root?


                    dd if=/dev/sda of=/home/<your user name>/Desktop/safeboot.mbr bs=512 count=1


                    would back it up to your desktop and then you can copy it to removeable storage manually


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                      Thankyou Tristan!!! Copied it to the local desktop then moved to USB stick...


                      Now... How do I edit GRUB2 - menu.lst is the original GRUB.






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