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    Constantly pulling viruses out my computer.  I mean daily and I am mostly just checking emails.  Any way I can find where these are coming in?


      I am working on my father's computer and lately more than ever he has been pulling viruses like crazy.  He hasn't been changing his routine as to his computer usage.  He mainly is just reviewing emails.  Normally I would suggested that he did a virus scan weekly if not monthly, but within the past three days, I have scanned his computer a total of four times and pulled at least 15 viruses?  I quarantined most of them, but I can only assume that something is left venerable that they keep coming in.  Is there anyway I can find where? 


      I just did a system restore on his computer Sunday with the restore disk and everything.  The very next thing I downloaded was McAfee and ran all the system updates. Not even a day later there are viruses on the computer?   I mean I am at a loss and I really don't want another virus reaking havoc on this computer again.


      Any suggestions?  I am really getting sick of this.