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    Workstations not updating from epo 4.5 Server

      Hmmm, okay so here goes....


      I had machines pointing to one epo server (epo 4.0 on oldserver) and I installed a new server (epo 4.5 on newserver).


      I have installed my epo 4.5 on newserver and I have found my workstations.  I moved them from Lost&Found to a group under 'My Organization' where standard policies are applied.  The Master repository is updating fine from http.  I have in my dashboard the av threat advisory to say when the latest dat and engine level is, the threats if any and when this was last checked.




      The Worksations connected to my epo server aren't updating.  They have an older DAT file on them.  They are all connected to my epo in the system tree but don't seem to be getting the new definitions from my epo.


      Sorry, but what am I missing here? Something simple I'm overlooking no doubt.


      Any help would be much appreciated.