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    Slowed computer

      I have just reinstalled Security Suite from Comcast.  Now I know why I took if off the last time.  The computer processing speed is probably 1/10 what it was with the Suite.  Getting a simple email (Outlook) took 7 minutes.  Getting to the McAfee site to try to stop a virus scan took almost that long.  I am not a high risk user but am getting a new laptop and will use wireless.  I thought I had better install some security.  Now I am ready to uninstall again.  I used the "typical" download.  What can I do to solve this frustrating issue?

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          Hi ,

          Can you provide some information like;
          What is the RAM size of this computer ?
          May I know how old the computer is ?
          Any other security software installed ?


          Dinesh K

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            Thanks for reply, Dinz.  Computer is a 5-year old Gateway.  No other security system on it.  256MB, 220GHz.  FYI-it took about 3 minutes to get from the email to this site.  This site is "freezing" regularly.  Have to wait and wait.  Is that site or computer?  Can you help me?

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              Dinz, forgot one point.  Harddrive seems to run almost all time now (judging by sound).

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                From the information that you provided it seems that you have 256MB of RAM ,which is the minimum requirment of McAfee.This could be the reason why the computer is working slow. One thing that i can suggest is to remove any unwanted program installed on the computer and clear the temporary file and cookies.


                This would help the computer much more faster that it is now . If you have more RAM on the computer I guess everthing should be working fine.




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