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    Policy changes of existing policy don't propagate


      Hi all, again.


      I noted a KB article from McAfee that stated there is a problem with changing an existing policy and that it won't get applied

      to downstream clients. Said to enable nested triggers in SQL. Well I checked the SQL server (2005) and nested triggers

      was already enabled, had been all the time. So I duplicated each policy and am hoping policy changes will be applied.


      Does anyone know if there is an updated status for this, a fix? And it makes me wonder if I have all the duplicated policies

      and want to change something will I again have this problem??


      Went through a lot of trouble updating policies and now this bug. Not happy.

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          Enabling nested triggers is a requirement and that is the fix, we simply won't work correctly without it.


          If nested triggers wasn't the issue, then something else may be happening that needs to be investigated. If you are using ePO 4.5 you should have the option to wake-up the agents and check "Force complete policy and task update", that should help.