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    Epo 4.0 Database Size Question...

      Hi Gents,


      I'm hosting ePO 4.0 for 3500 clients and currently the system is only keeping 100000 events logged (it is about one week log).

      The size of the EPOevents table is 22GB of Data and 10 GB of Indexes (all these numbers are actually used space and real table size, the database itself is 50GB but just because I left some free space to avoid autogrow hence avoiding fragmentation of the datafile in the disk).


      Are these normal sizes for these number of events? I don't think that 100K events could use SO much space. Just doing some rough calculation it would be something like 200KB per event!!!!


      The Epo installation comes from version 3.6 and it has been upgraded to 4.0, is that possible that maybe something went wrong in the migration/convertion?


      According to the "McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 Hardware Sizing and Bandwidth Usage Guide" for 100K events and 10K clients, the database should be only 1.5 GB...


      So... I think there's something wrong here...


      Thanks in advance for any info about it.