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    GSE perfomance queries

      We have GS for exchange 7 managed by an ePO 4.5 console. Not sure if this is more of a GSE question or an ePO 4.5 question, but here it goes.


      I'm trying to get some statistics around how many messages GSE was processing. I was able to create a pretty generic query that provided me with the numbers I was looking for


      This the SQL version of the query. As you can see, it's a basic query built with the 4.5 console's query tool.

      select [Gsestatsview].[HostName], [Gsestatsview].[TotalScans], [Gsestatsview].[Id] from [Gsestatsview]


      When I run that, it lists each server with the total number of messages each exchange server has scanned. Perfect, right?


      Well, he's the hitch. The query never asked me to filter it on a particular time period. Does anyone know the time frame these scan counts are based on? Judging by the numbers, it could just be the all time total, or it could be a monthly total. But since it doesn't specify, I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this, just so i can tell if this is a good set of data to build a baseline off of.