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    Agent 4.5 and VSE 8.7  remote deployment through VPN??

      Hi again!
      Afraid I need more help


      I got all the PCs on our internal domain network upgraded successfully.

      However we have anumber of remote PCs connected via VPN but NOT attached to the domain. They are on differen IP and subnets etc.


      Is itpossible to remotely roll out the Agent 4.5 and VSE 8.7 to these PCs?


      When they were originally setup the agent was installed manually onto the PCs, but they do then communicate and update successfully with our current EPO 3.6 server.

      By their nature a manul install again would be very difficult.


      The main stumbling block I am getting is the  credentials to install the agent.

      It insists on Domain, User and Password but as the PCs are not on the domain I am unsure of to put here. I tried the local PC name along with the local admin user on each PC but I get a login error on username or password in the server tasks log.

      All the PCs to be updated have fixed IP addresses if this is of any help.