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    Problem to update Anti-Malware


      Web have 2 Webgateways (6.8.3), they worg in Clustermode.

      I have a Problem on 1 Appliance to update  Anti-Malware.

      I get the follwing Message.

      [Tue Dec  8 09:36:21 2009] 200 - Extension list download successful!

      [Tue Dec  8 09:36:25 2009] 502 - new version: 7010.1194.2336, files to download: 4 copying files from older version failed


      The second Appliance has no problems.


      Thanks for help


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          Hello Michael,


          the basic steps to start with a "blank" anti-virus directory and to make sure there are not actual issues with the current definitions would be


          - Access the Operating System

          - Stop Webwasher

          - Remove contents of conf/antivirus or conf\antivirus folder

          - Start Webwasher

          - Perform a manual AV definition update

          - Monitor if the Update works


          If you like to troubleshoot the issue I recommend to file a ticket with technical support, as this is mainly a technical issue that needs to be looked at than a topic for discussion. To file a support ticket please use the Support Portal on mysupport.mcafee.com or call in the Support Hotline. We will be more than happy to have a look at the problem and see what is going on.


          If possible, please attach a recent feedback to the ticket to allow us to quickly deal with the problem.


          Best regards,


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            Thanks for you answer.

            I will restart the Webwasher tonight and if the problem persists, i will open a Ticket tomorrow.



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              That sounds good, thank you very much.If you got any trouble please let me know.