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    Scheduled Scan

      I am usting Windows 7 and just installed McAfee 2010 on 3 PCs ... no problem

      I schedule a scan using McAfee changing the day to Sunday @ 3PM ... again no problem

      As my compueter goes "to sleep" I want Windows 7 and/or McAfee to ensure my computer wakes up at the scheduled time. My Windows 7 scheduled events does not include the one I created for my McAfee Scan.

      Any hints???

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          When a computer goes into sleep mode, it shuts down the display screen and disk drive. Once awakened, the computer returns to its former operating status. So if the hard drive is turned off the McAfee scan will not trigger out the schedule scan process.

          So I believe it's better to change the schedule scanning timing or the sleep mode time settings

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            McAfee is installed on my Mom's computer, she is a totally disabled 87 year old, I am her personal and court appointed financial conservator.  When I come once a week, boot the Microsoft Vista Home Premium OS out of hiberate mode, McAfee slows the computer running updates and the scan I scheduled for Friday night.  I found this thread and the explanation why.  This week I will change the schedule to Wednesday evening, or just manually fire a full scan, when I leave, leaving the computer on.  Before I go dip into all the tomes of verbage about my Power Management, can you suggest a better way?



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              Wild Hair.   Could I ask the scan to put my system into Hiberate when it is finished?