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    How to check if Hotfix 517265 is installed

      Dear all,


      does anybody know how to check via ePO (4.0) if Hotfix 517265 is installed?

      I made a new query under reporting and I am checking for the VSE "Hotfix/Patch Version" Property.

      Unfortunately, I just can see if the Patch 1 or 2 is installed but not if any Hotfix was applied.


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          Go to a system and scroll down to the Virusscan Enterprise Section (where you can see what is installed).

          Click on More (on the richt side) and then scroll down to the General section. Here you can see which fixes are installed (including the hotfix).


          This is as far as I can see the only way. I also see no query which will show the fixes.

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            I believe hotfixes aren't normally visible in EPO , but patches are.


            On the individual pcs, there will be a registry key created (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\DesktopProtection\Hotfix_517265 ) , but AFAIK this isn't pushed back into EPO.

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              Thank you for the replies. I am bit confused, that it seems to be impossible to check for an installed Hotfix

              although you can check a property that is called "Hotfix/Patch Version". So in my opinion this should be called

              only "Patch Version". We have over 600 managed systems and it is a pain to check for an existing registry key.

              Is this a restriction of ePO version 4.0 and fixed in 4.5?


              kind regards



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                I Think this value is sent back from the agent to the ePO and written to the database because as "dinozoff" has already mentioned

                you can check in ePO for a single system (by clicking on "more" next to VirusScan Enterprise under the "System Details") which hotfix is installed.


                kind regards



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                  Hmm, if the data is in the database, then it should be able to be obtained using a query. You might need to write your own though, if the pre-packaged ones don't show that data.

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                    I wrote a SQL query in order to show on which computers the Hotfix 517265 was successfully installed.

                    Here is a copy of my query:


                    SELECT EPOComputerProperties.ComputerName
                    FROM         dbo.EPOLeafNode AS A INNER JOIN
                                          dbo.EPOProductProperties ON A.AutoID = dbo.EPOProductProperties.ParentID INNER JOIN
                                          dbo.EPOProductFamilies ON dbo.EPOProductProperties.ProductCode = dbo.EPOProductFamilies.ProductCode AND
                                          dbo.EPOProductFamilies.ProductFamily = 'VIRUSCAN' INNER JOIN
                                          dbo.EPOProductVersions ON dbo.EPOProductProperties.AutoID = dbo.EPOProductVersions.ParentID INNER JOIN
                                          dbo.EPOProductSettings ON dbo.EPOProductProperties.AutoID = dbo.EPOProductSettings.ParentID INNER JOIN
                                          dbo.EPOComputerProperties ON A.AutoID = dbo.EPOComputerProperties.ParentID RIGHT OUTER JOIN
                                          dbo.EPOLeafNode AS B ON dbo.EPOComputerProperties.ParentID = B.AutoID AND A.AutoID = B.AutoID
                    WHERE     (dbo.EPOProductSettings.Value = '517265')
                    ORDER BY dbo.EPOComputerProperties.ComputerName


                    The result of this query is an alphabetically sorted list of the computernames that have the Hotfix 517265 installed.

                    Please feel free to modify this query and give me some feedbacks. Hopefully this function is already implemented in ePO Version 4.5.


                    kind regards





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                      select ln.nodename as Hostname, pp.productversion as Version, pp.hotfix as Patch, ps.value as Hotfix from epoleafnode ln join epoproductproperties pp on ln.autoid = pp.parentid join epoproductsettings ps on pp.autoid = ps.parentid where ps.settingname = 'Fixes' and ps.value like '%517265%'
                      order by hostname