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    unistalling 09 internet security/installing 2010 total protection


      uninstalling/installing internet security 08/09 from cda



      Hi again,


      Well a year has passed and I am now ready to uninstall Internet Security 09 (for 3) from 2 machines and install 2010 (for 3) total protection.  Do I follow the same guidelines as last year (see link above in uninstalling/installing securty 08/09) except that now I am installing Total Protection?  I am installing from a cd.


      Also I am now going to be uninstalling/installing on 2 machines --a desktop and laptop(this time last year it was just one--a desktop).  I assume that uninstalling/installing on both machines on the same day (though of course not at the same time) is not a problem?



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          No it shouldn't be an issue.  As I stated back then it shouldn't be necessary but I prefer to do it that way.



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            Thanks.  This time this did not work on my desktop.  I had to contact technical support after about 3 hrs of trying to remove using tool, checking for file remants etc. and after a long time with tech support (maybe around 2 hrs across 2 technicians at different levels) they recommended resetting my XP windows security to default (using MS Fixit tool) and then rerunning the removal tool.  After this total protection installed ok.  I should mention that I was removing Internet Security 2009 and installing Total Protection 2010.  I remember having problems the last time I moved up on McAfee products (I think it was VirusScan Plus or something like that to Internet Security).  At any rate 6 hs later I was ok.  Approached laptop with trepidation but this worked ok (first removing old and then installing new) in just a few minutes--also XP Professional.  Technician said this was a known problem with XP.  I did however appreciate the willingness of the technician to work to solve the problem.  Also before doing any removal/installing I was told to be sure windows is updated with any critical updates.  It might be that 1 is available that day but not yet installed on the machine and could affect the installation.


            I do notice that my system has slowed down some with total protection vs Internet Security.  For a short while when I was working just with the Windows firewall it was nice to have a speedy system like in days of yore.  These security programs do slow things down,  But alas we do need them.

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              Well I'm glad that it finally is sorted out.  The system may bog down a bit at first but should ease up when things get settled in.  However, with XP I found things can easily slow it down.  I finally gave up on XP when I got a new PC a few months ago.


              How much installed memory (RAM) does your machine have?