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    Rogue System Detection Versions


      This may be an easy question. However I have been unable to find any information on it.

      I just switched to a new install of EPO 4.5 from an older EPO 4.0. I am updating all of the connected devices by running the new FramePkg.exe on all the workstations. This proccess has been working great so far. However, I noticed that most of the RSD agents are still running

      My question is what is the diffrence between version and 4.7.1? and how do I upgrade the older RSD agents?

      Thanks for your help.

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          Any new feature for RSD 4.5 (such as excluding specific mac addressess from the being scanned by the sensor) will not be understood by the RSD 2.0 sensor; however, all existing RSD 2.0 features should work fine in RSD 4.5.


          To upgrade the sensor just deploy the existing RSD 4.5 sensor over the top of the 2.0 sensor (via a deployment task).

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            Thanks for the response.

            I tried to setup a deployment task for the RSD Sensor and it was not an available option. Maybe I'm missing something obvious. I have been able to sort the sensors by their version, go into each one individually and deploy from there. However, while I have a comparatively small network, I would hate to have to do this in a large environment as it's very labor intensive.



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              There is a specific "Sensor Deployment" task you have to schedule, it isn't done through the standard "Deployment" task.

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                Where is that task setup?

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                  It's a client task that can be set up in the system tree.


                  There is more detail on p. 242 of the ePO 4.5 Product Guide.

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                    Sorry I should have been more specific. Here are the steps:

                    1- Logon to EPO

                    2- Navigate to the client you wish to upgrade the sensor on and place a check next to it

                    3- Click Actions | Agent | Modify Tasks on a Single System

                    4- Click New Task

                    5- Select "Sensor Deployment (Rogue System Detection 4.5.0) in the "Type" drop down list

                    6- Complete the task and schedule it appropriatly


                    I hope that helps!

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                      Thanks to both of you.

                      I was able to create a query that showed me all of the sensors which I was able to then deploy the updated RSD agents after sorting by the version.
                      Unfortunately I wasn't able to add a filter based on the version which would have allowed me to create a server task that would automate the process.
                      I will just run this query again once all of the systems have been imported from the other server.

                      Thanks again.