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    Problems with trying to update/fix my protection

      I keep getting the message saying that the detection signiture file is between 7 and 28 days old and that Anti-Spam filtering content hasn't been updated within the last 7 days and everytime I click the fix button after it tries to d/l the updates it says there's an error with installing the updates and that I have to re-install my software(McAfee) to fix the problem.  I've already tried re-installing it once from the site and once from the cd.  For some reason it had problems with the installation from the site, so I tried from my cd but it didn't seem to fix the problem, so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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          Please check the computer’s date & time & try to update the security center .

          Can you provide some additional information like;

          Have you done any recent changes to the computer ?
          What is the error you receive while reinstalling the programs ?
          What is computer’s operating system ?
          Have you installed any other security software in the computer ?


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            The date and time are correct so I don't think that would be causing the problem.


            I haven't done any major changes to my computer anytime recently, though for some reason every time I log onto my computer I get a message saying that one of the .dll files is missing.  I guess it's possible that it could have something to do with it.


            I am currently using xp pro svpk 1.


            This is the message it gives me when I try to re-install from the site:


            There was a problem downloading your McAfee programs. (Download Error: 12029)  Try downloading again or continue installing the software from your McAfee installation CD.


            I've only been using McAfee for security, but, a few weeks or so ago, when I was using my facebook acct., I kept having the windows security program pop up saying that my computer was infected, and so it kept prompting me to scan.  This happened a few times and every time that it happened I had McAfee scan my computer for viruses, etc.  Then one of the times it said that one of the McAfee files themselves was infected so after trying to get that fixed I ended up having to re-install McAfee.  As far as I could tell it was working fine.  I believe that it was around that time that my computer started saying that there was a .dll file missing.


            This is the first time I've had any problems with the software in the 2 years or so that I've been using it.



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              There are couple of things that you might want to check.Since you say that the computer was infected once there are possibilities that the infection has blocked the websites for McAfee to get updates. Please try the following steps below.


              Click on "Start" and then click on "Run". Then Type in "Drivers".


              On the window that opens up try to open up the folder named "ETC". then look for the file "Hosts" and then right click on the file and open it with "NotePad".Check the bottom of the page just below from where it says local host.If you have list of websites remove them all and ensure you have the details only up to information about websites below this can be removed.


              Once done save the files and try to update McAfee.This is one posibility.


              The other possibility would be your internet connection,Since you say that you got "Download error 12029" which is basically a network error.If you have done any recent changes to your internet connection try to revert back the changes and check if McAfee gets updated.




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                Hosts File.JPGHope this would help you in a better way....